Unburdening perception
to see more cleaRly

Working through the use of Conversation & Simple Practices

You may be surprised to learn that profound clarity, or a clearer, brighter, wider mind is here/everywhere, available to everyone, always... it's just that it gets drowned out by the noise and interference of an overactive and overly-identified mind. Sometimes we just need a nudge to get us back on track, to break the spell of whatever spin we may be in. Actually we can each do that for each other once we ourselves are grounded.


There are times in our lives when we just get stuck in the waiting room of a decision, paralysed by choices and analysis. Or times when things just seem to be getting on top of us, we're not as clear or as sharp as we normally are.

I offer one to one conversations that can act as catalysts to break the spell of a rut, thus helping you see clearly again. It's not psychology or psychotherapy; it's not life-coaching, business mentoring or energy work. It's not even therapy. It's just the power of honest, authentic conversation and connection guided from a deeper place than the everyday thinking, discursive mind.

These conversations can help open you up to a clearer mind, but only if you're open to it.  And opening up to it may take a little time. Getting a taste of this clearer mind is key, then it's up to you to practice getting back there - which is really a practice of seeing how your 'seeing' gets clouded over in daily life. How you may have the habit of seeing with filters rather than seeing things as they really are, without the overlay of interpretation. That's why it's useful talking to an objective third party to help you get space between you and an issue of concern.

I invite you to send me a message using the form if this kind of interaction interests you and resonates with you. Consultations are available in-person or on Zoom. They may not be suitable for everyone, and that's ok, I hope you find the right fit for you. 

I may offer group work for private and corporate groups in the future, drop me a line if this interests you.


I attended my first meditation retreat in 1999, and took up daily practice soon after. I trained as a monk (2001-4) in the Sannyasa (renunciant) Yogic tradition of India, with three years' ashram (monastery) living, 2 of those years were spent in India. This training proved to be the foundation of a life of discipline and practice, for which I am eternally grateful.

Leaving the Sannyasa tradition, I dabbled in personal development, emotional processing, psychotherapy, energy work and contemplative inquiry before entering the Zen path in 2016, where my life-long training continues with renewed enthusiasm and vitality.

I've been offering private one-on-one sessions for over a decade, the nature of these sessions has evolved with me, as you might hope or expect. I only share from lived experience not philosophical or theoretical frameworks. 

I also have a background in business, marketing, graphic design and copywriting.

For now, I live on the west coast of Ireland, with my son.

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    DISCLAIMER: This work is for educational purposes only and is no substitute for medical advice and care.